“The new gasket on the TR 4 was flawless. The only oil that came from the valve cover was from the cap. This was after about 150-200 miles of full throttle practice, qualifying, racing, and enduro.”
—— Joseph Alexander, Cedar Falls, IA

“I think the gaskets are so good that I shelved plans to buy a cast alum. valve cover for my TR 3A.”
—— Don J. Howard, Orlando, FL

“I had a chance to install it over the weekend and it sure beats that cork monstrosity I had in there! (It took more time to clean out the old one than to install the new!….I also like the fact that you do not have to torque down the cover as much to prevent the dreaded British ‘flow through lubrication'”
—— Jim Gerakaris, TR 4, San Jose, CA

“I received your gasket today (thank you!!) and let me say something here… YOU ROCK!”
—— Susan Hensley, President Red River Triumphs, Dallas, Texas

“I have the silicone gasket….on my TR 3A. It is a great piece of work – seals wonderfully, even with the bends and sags of an old valve cover. I’ve already had mine on and off a few times and it doesn’t even care.”
—— Perry Hammock, Indianapolis, IN

“Gasket came today — looks great — thanks again!”
—— David Moag, La Canada, CA