Silicon Gasket



a.k.a. “T6 Gasket”

for fitment on

TR 250, TR 5, TR 6,







TVR 2500 (’71-’72),

TVR 2500M (’72-’77)

Both the four cylinder TR and the six cylinder version have been installed on cars throughout the world and have proven themselves, time and again, on both the street and the track. This, the 6 cylinder version, made its debut at Triumphest? in Riverside, California, on October, 2003, but has been available

on a very limited basis.

Details about the gasket:

[] Made of high temperature, high performance, heat treated jet black silicone.

[] Contoured to match the stock covers mating surface. (Gasket will not work with aftermarket covers.)

[] High rails on the inside help to locate and lock the gasket in position during installation.

[] The added width to the gasket provides additional surface area to help secure the gasket and seal the cover.

[] Glues to your valve cover with provided Hi-Temp RTV Silicone.

[] No glue on the head side of the gasket allows for easy removal and reinstallation of your valve cover over and over again.

[] Small tabs will help you to locate the gasket as you lower the cover down onto the gasket during the initial installation.

[] This gasket is guaranteed not to leak!

[] Engines may last longer as owners will likely check their valves more regularly!

[] This gasket will likely last for many many years and comes with a TWO year guarantee! (My TR4A’s gasket has been in use since 1997! Even some of the most diehard cork fans eventually give in to these flawless gaskets!)

Your gasket will come with instructions on how to apply the RTV Silicone. There will be no fumbling as with a cork gasket! It also comes with instructions on how to remove the typical tweaks in the metal on a stock cover.

NOTICE: These gaskets are handmade here in the USA. Your gasket may take from 7 to 30 days or more to deliver. If your car will be held up by not having this gasket sooner, please let me know.