As SEEN in Triumph World Magazine


“Justin Wagner has owned TR4As since 1977 and, fed up with the shortcomings of normal rocket cover gaskets, has developed his own high performance version made of silicone. Designed to follow the contours of the standard rocket cover (even if it has not aged gracefully), the new gasket has high inner and outter rails to prevent it from slipping out of position while fitting or when in use. Ribs along the main contact area ensure a perfect seal and Justin says his gasket does not require any additional sealant or glue, and will not leak! There are two color available. Blue is a firmer grade of silicone, rated for higher temperatures. and is recommended for racing applications. Black is fine for normal use. Justin says he is hoping to produce similar gaskets for other Triumph models in due course.” Triumph World Magazine, December/January 1998